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Adult & Pediatric Hospice Care

Notre Dame Hospice Care provides comfort, compassion, companionship, and support to patients nearing end of life and their families, when a treatment or cure for an underlying disease is no longer available. Services are delivered by an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who focus on addressing physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs to improve quality of life.

When Hospice?

Hospice is provided for a person with a terminal illness whose doctor believes he or she may have six months or less to live if the illness runs its natural course.

Like palliative care, hospice provides comprehensive comfort care as well as support for the family. However, in hospice, the focus is no longer on curative treatments or prolonging life. Hospice care focuses on comfort and achieving the highest quality of life for each individual.

Palliative Care vs. Hospice Care

Palliative Care

No life expectancy limit

Covered under traditional medical insurance or Medicare

More aggressive treatment of symtoms without compromising quality of life

Quality of life

Emotional, physical and spiritual support

Hospice Care

Life expectancy of 6 months or less

Covered under Medicare

Pain management to allow patient to die with dignity

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