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Adult & Pediatric Hospice Care

Notre Dame Hospice Care provides comfort, compassion, companionship, and support to patients nearing end of life and their families, when a treatment or cure for an underlying disease is no longer available. Services are delivered by an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who focus on addressing physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs to improve quality of life.


Notre Dame Hospice, a Medicare certified hospice provider, has been delivering hospice services to individuals living in Central Massachusetts since 2007.

The care that we offer brings comfort, compassion, companionship, and support to individuals of all ages as they approach end of life. The Notre Dame Hospice team uses a holistic approach to care that will help ease the transition for both the individual and their family.  We are committed to the belief that there is a lot of living to be accomplished during the final stages of life.

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Our interdisciplinary team is comprised of physicians, nurse practitioners, licensed nurses, certified home health aides, social workers, spiritual counselors, specially trained volunteers, music and massage therapists, and bereavement specialists.

While Notre Dame Hospice embraces the Catholic healthcare tradition, we are committed to providing services for patients and families of all faiths with dignity and respect for individual needs and choice. The hospice team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our Hospice team provides hospice services in personal homes, other nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, or wherever patients call home.

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