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Harmony Memory Care in Worcester County, Massachusetts

Notre Dame Health Care offers a home for older adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease within our Harmony Memory Care Community at Notre Dame du Lac Assisted Living Residence, and Harmony Village at our Long Term Care and Rehabilitation Center.

Our Approach

Harmony Memory Care services offer a holistic approach to care, regardless of disease or deficit. Utilizing the basics of Habilitative Care, dedicated care staff facilitate optimal function by focusing on the individuals’ strengths and skills.

Our Memory Care philosophy allows residents to reach self-actualization throughout the advancing stages of cognitive disease. We are committed to creating an environment of care and acceptance, allowing our memory-impaired residents to live in the moment and with dignity.

The goal of our Memory Care facility in Worcester is to help each resident with memory loss realize their greatest potential cognitively, physically, psychosocially and spiritually. To achieve that goal, we provide a caring and secure environment with specialized dementia care; assistance with activities of daily living when needed; spiritual support; and meaningful, success-driven activities.

Dignified Care and Engaging Activities

  • Care that is loving, supportive and secure
  • Two hours of daily assistance with personal grooming
  • Specialized care by dementia-trained staff
  • Continued physical conditioning through exercise and wellness programs
  • Cognitive stimulation through specially designed activities that address the physical, emotional, spiritual and creative needs of residents
  • Structured and consistent routines
  • Sensory Stimulation Program
  • Aroma Therapy and Music Therapy to alleviate symptoms
  • Evaluation and medication management for signs and symptoms of anxiety or depression
  • Care for the whole family through monthly support group meetings
  • Pastoral Care program, recognizing the Divine in all people
  • Community outings
woman playing piano outside

Our Environment

We not only provide the supportive care necessary to ensure resident safety, dignity and quality of life, but also the comfortable, homelike setting to make all residents feel sustained every day in a nurturing and protected environment.

Calming Atmosphere and Curated Design

  • Reconfigured nurses station and central area
  • Quiet sitting areas for small groups
  • Outdoor patio area
  • Small dining room with appropriate color and pattern
  • Activity supplies readily accessible by all shifts in our “activity center”
  • Nurturing for the esthetic self in a beautifully landscaped, secured courtyard
  • Quiet space for the heart in the private chapel for prayer, meditation and relaxation
  • Sense of calm through cleanliness and organization supported by daily housekeeping services

Our Team

A specially trained, experienced, interdisciplinary health care team creates an individualized care plan that aims to address the unique needs of each resident. All staff members are trained to work with individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Specialized Staff and Expert Training

  • Multidisciplinary leadership team
  • Sophisticated behavioral management program
  • Dedicated social worker
  • Dedicated Activities Director
  • Alzheimer’s training for all facility staff
  • Training for employees to become Certified Dementia Practitioners
  • Certain staff members hold certification from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP)
  • Weekly staff meetings to communicate and update individualized resident care plans
  • Consistent staff assignments
  • Peace of mind with elevated staff-resident ratios 24 hours a day
  • The protection of routine safety checks around the clock
For more information, please contact:

du Lac Assisted Living –
Harmony Memory Care Community

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Virginia Lehr


Phone (508) 852-5800 x2105

Long Term Care –
Harmony Village

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MariAnn Paladino


Phone (508) 852-5800 x3112

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