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Adult & Pediatric Home Hospice Care Services

Notre Dame Hospice Care provides comfort, compassion, companionship and support to patients nearing end of life and their family members when a treatment or cure for an underlying disease is no longer available. Services are delivered by a dedicated team of health care professionals who focus on addressing physical, mental, social and spiritual needs to improve quality of life.


Mom fell in love with Kate M. almost immediately. Thank you for working collaboratively with Mom – the original “Little Red Hen,” “I will do it MYSELF.” And she did. Tatiana even got my mother to give some credit and value to the field of social work – a tall order.  Bev came in the first day to do personal care and walked into a house with a broken furnace and no hot water. Although I was a wreck Bev calmly found some pots and began to boil water on the stove, amazing!  Colleen had so many special talks with Mom…and did a great job with her hair! I also want to recognize the care and compassion with which Kate B. responded to Mom’s death.  I don’t use the word “patient” as my mother was treated as a valuable individual person throughout her journey with you as I’m sure everyone is.

Sue Strandberg and Family


I want to thank Tatiana and Notre Dame Hospice for the nice VA Pinning Ceremony for my Mom, Mary. I saluted my mom after the ceremony, and she saluted me back!  What a memorable moment.

A grateful family member

At Notre Dame Hospice, part of our interdisciplinary team includes social workers that are trained as bereavement specialists.  We are humbled to share an excerpt from a kind note we received from the spouse of a patient we cared for on our Hospice program appreciating the help provided by Peggye Arcouette, MSW, LCSW, BC, our Bereavement Coordinator.


. . . I am very grateful for every session I have had with Peggye. She has seen me through these rough times with very helpful advice for both myself and members of my family. I now feel that I am on a road to recovery, but it will take time to walk through the valley of grief, meeting it head on, especially with Peggye’s support and advice. I now feel that there is a future for me moving forward.

A grateful spouse

Rosanna Paladino Swillo has extensive experience with the entire Notre Dame Health Care system. Her husband, mother, aunt and uncle received hospice care from Notre Dame. Impressed with the programs, Rosanna became involved with Pedi Pals at its inception, making bracelets, soliciting presents at Christmas time and participating in many fundraisers for the program.


The hospice service helped the whole family and provided a safety net when it came time for my relatives to pass. All staff, including home health aides, nurses and massage and music therapists, were there for us when we needed them. These services made the passing no less sad but gave us peace in knowing the final days were comfortable. And the follow up after the deaths gave us so much support. Notre Dame is lucky to have such an incredible staff who are dedicated to helping those facing the last stages of life and their families.

Rosanna Paladino Swillo

Army veteran James Shugrue received hospice services at his home through Notre Dame Health Care’s At Home Program. His primary nurse was a strong advocate and informed him of the We Honor Veterans program. Proud of his service, he asked to participate in a pinning ceremony. The celebration took place on July 21, 2018, and James passed on August 16, 2018.


My dad was active in the American Veterans of Foreign Service. He and some other veterans purchased a green fire truck and placed it at the Vernon Hill Post where he enjoyed hanging out with his friends. The day of his pinning ceremony we decorated the entire yard with a patriotic theme and more than 40 family members, friends and fellow veterans came to celebrate with him. Some of the veterans brought the green fire truck to the house and my dad had his photo taken in front of it. He was so happy and grateful that day that he was being honored this way. The staff at Notre Dame Hospice brought him and our family a lot of joy at the end of his life.

Catherine Shugrue


The family would like to say a special thank you to her dear caretaker, Kebbeh, from Notre Dame Home Hospice Care. Ursula truly looked forward to her visits every day. Especially during her final days, Kebbeh’s wonderful care was cherished by Ursula’s family too. Also from Notre Dame Home Hospice Care, the support staff and Ursula’s compassionate nurses, Alysha and Sharon for their care and assistance. In Ursula’s words, “They are True Nurses!” Thank you to Tatianna as well for coordinating Ursula’s care, and Mary Beth for her weekly prayer visits. [Tribute from Dr. Shea’s obituary]

The Family of Dr. Ursula Shea

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