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If you are seeking a skilled, knowledgeable rehab team with a common sense approach, who know how to think outside the box and ease individuals through the rehabilitation process, you have found one. Short-stay and long-term rehabilitation services are provided at Notre Dame Health Care by experienced HealthPro Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech Therapists whose compassionate care is characteristic of our mission.

Whether it is short-stay or long-term, the Notre Dame Rehab expertise includes:

  • personalized, flexible schedule with a consistent therapist specializing in rehabilitation.
  • therapy sessions customized for flexibility in the length of session, time of day and activity tolerance of the patient.
  • therapist consistency builds emotionally supportive relationships that empower the individual to reach therapeutic goals.
  • an interdisciplinary team utilizing input and resources of qualified rehab, nursing, social service and activity staff for treatment, residency, and discharge planning.
  • caregiver and family education and participation are encouraged and desired.

Short-stay rehabilitation is person-centered customized care that prepares individuals to safely return to a home setting. Our efficient interdisciplinary team works on a discharge plan to facilitate a workable, safe, and easy transition.

Short-stay rehab covers six days of therapy a week as needed, allowing the individual to return home as soon as possible.

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