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Educational Bridge Center

The mission of Notre Dame Health Care’s Educational Bridge Center is to provide educational opportunities and related services for staff and community members who want to advance in their careers.

Become a Tutor

Become a Tutor

Volunteers play a very important role in tutoring students at our Educational Bridge Center.

Our students are at different levels of need, and many have work schedules that change each week. We prefer volunteers who have had experience teaching and who have the flexibility to accommodate varying schedules.

Due to regulatory requirements governing healthcare settings, all tutors must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Tutors are needed for:

  • Basic high school math
  • English vocabulary and grammar, reading, writing and conversational English
  • Nursing school prep, including tutoring for the TEAS exam and individual subject study support
  • Citizenship preparation, which consists of instruction on the 100 questions/answers that candidates need to know to prepare for their interview to become a U.S. Citizen, as well as the vocabulary contained on the N-400 application. Basic civics, history and government with curriculum will be provided.
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Why I Tutor At The Educational Bridge Center

St. Julie said we should teach our students what they need to know for life. Refugees and immigrants in our country want and need to become citizens. Since I have been trained to do this work and have had a lot of experience in it I take it as a great gift that I can offer myself as a tutor at the Notre Dame Educational Bridge Center. It is my great pleasure to tutor those interested in preparing for the Naturalization test and interview. I learn from my students as well, as they learn from me. I feel honored to serve this way.

Gerry Stanton, SNDdeN


For me to work in the Notre Dame Educational Bridge Program with students seeking citizenship in the USA is inspiring. I witness their sincerity, sticktuitiveness and struggle to be a part of our democracy. I hear their belief that ‘God has BLESSED AMERICA!’ so to be a part of our democracy is a privilege and honor for them. I learn that their life experiences make me REFLECT ON and APPRECIATE what I have ALWAYS experienced…’LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.’ That is AWE-SOME!

Marietta Brown, SNDdeN


Having worked in education for 60+ years it is such a pleasure to work with such eager-to-learn students at the Notre Dame Bridge Program. I feel that I am honored to have a chance to help these beautiful people as they study to become American citizens.

Natalie Bussiere, SNDdeN


I have been a tutor at Notre Dame Educational Bridge Center for about 5 years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work individually with over 30 students from different countries—individuals eager to become United States Citizens.

One of my reasons for volunteering in this program is the desire to assist my students as they work through the multiple steps required for becoming U.S. citizens. I am touched by their stories of life in their countries of origin, the sacrifices they are currently making as they juggle work, family and other obligations, and the enthusiasm with which they speak of their desire for citizenship. Overall, their sacrifices to provide a better life for their children and their families are both admirable and touching. I am very happy to assist in this important aspect of the work of the Notre Dame Educational Bridge Center.

Evelyn McKenna, SNDdeN

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