Catherine Obiudu
“I thank the Notre Dame Community for opening the door to those who are underprivileged in their own country. Notre Dame Community has made them privileged. This is a huge milestone accomplishment. May God continue to strengthen the Sisters in spirit and may they not relent in their good works.”

Elizabeth K and Family
“My name is Elizabeth Kamau, and on behalf of my entire family, I just want to say Thank You! If it were not for your generosity, help, and support my family and I would have had to take a more difficult road in gaining our citizenship status. With the help of the Ed Center, we were able to gain valuable information about the entire citizenship process that otherwise we would have probably neglected. The work that the Ed Center does can not be summed up into any number of words. Their work is priceless and their relentless efforts to work to change the lives of people who are need through knowledge are the reason why many who cross their path are forever grateful. Leaders of the Ed Center, “Thank You” alone may never be enough. Your work changes lives and the knowledge you spread reaches more people than you may ever know. My family and I are more than grateful; we are blessed to have met people with such a heart for helping those around them. Thank you!”

“My name is Marian Mensah-Agyeman. The staff at NDEBC provided support, encouragement, access to scholarships, and study space that helped me complete my BSN program. I still stop by the Ed Center weekly for an encouraging smile!”

Edmund Mugaragu
“I have been using the Center since last year. So far, it is very helpful fir studying. It provides some quiet time away from home, enough flexibility to accommodate our busy schedule and eases some of our financial burden by providing printing opportunities at no cost. Very beneficial! My sincere gratitude to the Center.”

Peter Kimani, LPN (soon to be RN)
“This institution has provided the space to study that is not like any others. I’ve lived in the Worcester area for a decade and a half but I did not know about this space until last year (2018) when I was admitted to the RN program at Quinsigamond Community College. I’m thankful beyond words, my appreciation will remain yours for ages. Your staff, led by Sue, is just kind and generous. Where else can you study until 2am in the morning? NONE. I feel safe going home and coming in. THANK YOU and I will be back showing my appreciation in person.”

Frank Williams
“I was introduced to the Education Center by my wife who frequently used the facility during both her LPN and RN studies and exams. I was studying to go write my CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) exam so I needed a serene atmosphere to study and I found the Center to be such a delight. I was able to study with little to no disturbance but for fellow students getting up to take a break from studies. I must say I did same so it wasn’t much of a bother. With hard work and the Grace of God I passed my CCNA exams on my first attempt. Hoping to further advance my career path in Networking Engineering and the Education Center would no doubt be my place of study. P.S. Everyone at the Center is thoughtful and kind to make available snacks for the students and patrons of the Center.”

“My name is Cindy Garvin…I have been an employee at NDHC for the past five years as a cook and baker…I’m known as “the Baker” and I enjoy making great desserts for the residents.
A good friend of mine introduced me to the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and told me they would help me obtain my Citizenship. I was very happy to learn about the program at the Notre Dame Educational Bridge Center because I had been hesitant to start the challenging process.
I was very blessed with my tutor, Sr. Karen. She took the time to help me study and guided me through the steps to learn the 100 questions and the history of our country.
I could not have done the work without the help of Sue Strandberg. Sue is an amazing person! She took the time to listen and had the patience to assist me in doing all the paperwork that is required to become a citizen.
Because of the commitment and help provided by Sr. Karen and Sue, I became a Citizen of the United States in January 2019 and I was sworn in along with 996 others. I celebrated at the Concord Inn with some of my best friends. Paul Revere would have been proud of me!”

Serah Guilbe
“The Ed Center provides a quiet space to study. The best thing is there is ample free parking and separate room for discussions. I used to study in the library at UMass but the fee to park was prohibitive. Thanks!!”

Josie Kinyua,  HiSET Student (Has now earned her High School Equivalency Diploma)
“I finally did my Science test today and I did well. I cannot thank you enough for your help and support. I needed it!”

Linda Lessard
Notre Dame Long Term Care

CNA for 21 years…
Always wanted to become a nurse…
Commitments to her family and raising her children always came first…
Completed the Intercare Alliance PN program and is now an LPN at Notre Dame…

NDEBC tutor
“Working with the students brings me such joy as I watch them succeed… their ability to overcome obstacles and their commitment and enthusiasm are inspirational”

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