Our 2021 Auction

This year’s annual Educational Forum’s Main Event with Hannah Brencher will take place on Wednesday, October 27 “virtually” beginning with a “pre-show” at about 6:15pm and the “main event” from 6:30pm to 7:30pm–a link will be provided on our main event webpage www.notredamehealthcare.org/annual-educational-forum/.

Our online auction begins Monday, October 18 at 3pm and will close at 10pm on October 27, a couple of hours after the main event October 27.
You can access the auction here:
Notre Dame Health Care 2021 Educational Forum | 32auctions

Participating in the auction is super easy. Simply click on the link above to view the items.  In order to participate in the bidding process you will need to create a simple, free account—no credit card information is required, just your name and email address.  If you register on the auction site, you’ll receive a reminder when the bidding opens. Once you set up your account you’ll be able to bid on items, you’ll be notified if you are outbid, and you can log back in at any time to review items, and make new bids.

Please share the auction link with your friends and family! 

Thank you to our amazing auction donors, please check back often as the list is updated!

◊ Blushing Bee Naturals
◊ Patricia Campbell
◊ Denise Carroll
◊ Sr. Leonore Coan, SNDdeN
◊ Sr. Lorraine Connell, SNDdeN
◊ Cormier Jewelers
◊ Phoenix & Conor Dwyer
◊ Rachel Egan, Life Coach & Author
◊ Flying Rhino Cafe
◊ Pat Gagne and Family
◊ Karen and Frank Laganelli
◊ John Mannila
◊ Mountain Memorabilia
◊ Notre Dame At Home–Management Team
(Sue Keefe, Shelley DePalo, Jill Jeffers, Cherie Sirard, Tracy Benvenuti, Patty Thibeault, Patty Tonry)
◊ Notre Dame Health Care Board of Directors
◊ Louise O’Connor/Lunique Yarn Designs
◊ Kathy Pajor
◊ MariAnn Paladino
◊ Mike Randone
◊ Jacqueline Skehan/Jackie’s Glass Crafts
◊ Gerry Stanton, SNDdeN, Patricia Toce, SNDdeN, Jane McAndrews, SNDdeN
◊ Sue Strandberg
◊ Sweet Sara/Rosanna Paladino-Swillo
◊ Paige Thayer & Daren Winckel
◊ The Thirsty Lab
◊ Worcester Art Museum

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